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February 3rd 2014, 12:00 AM

"Things evolve. Things change. Bleep bloop bleep." - Walter P. Internet

After many hours of sweaty, slippery consideration and planning, I'm evolving Alfredo Afro's format. I've been debating on doing this for a while now. For the past several years I've been doing a bi-weekly release of a simple, mostly 3 panel formal that most of you are familiar with.

As it turns out this strict schedule nonsense is doable, but in the coming months/years I will be much busier with Psychostick and a few other... things. Heh.

"So what IS the new format?" you ask, wiping the anticipatory drool from your mouth.

For starters, I will STILL be drawing random comics every now and then. I want to focus more on quality and not quantity, and there's been a few of these comics I put out where I facepalm.

Rather than force a schedule, I'm going to create things as the ideas come in so that I'm not forced to rush anything out. Say it with me, "Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y." After putting shit like this out, I'm ready to actually do things that are funny. Raisin' that bar.

Also, I'm probably going to shift considerable focus on over to the blogs. I did some "magical internet analyzationism" and discovered that my blogs are WAY more popular than all 260ish of my comics (as of this writing) COMBINED.

That's right. They're much funner to write and draw too. Who knows what'll be next? A book? Neural Implants? A new testament in some religious book thing that people tend refer to when life sucks?

To summarize: Funnier things! Better things! Not as often, but that's okay! Coffee!

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