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the-curse-of-the-penis-brainEver wonder why guys act the way they do? Do you wonder why some guys handle their urges better than others? Do you find the word "penis" funny? READ ON!

Wanna start a band? Wanna actually succeed at it? Wanna try and answer a rhetorical onslaught of biased questions you may or may not care about

Either way, I drew funny pictures!


Who better to give you advice on dating than a introvertive vocalist who spends his free time playing video games and drawing stupid blogs?


Like to shop? Enjoy spending time and money on crap? Like eating stupid foods and watching pre-teens pretend they're attractive? Well don't read this awesome blog.


Yeah, that's right. They have lame tendencies.


Heh, I'm a bit surprised I didn't come up with more than eight reasons. Oh well.

Get drawn up by Rawrb!

Goodies! Because they're good... ie?

Ovulating Oval Stickers!

My fucking coffee mug. Get 'em.

A fucking travel coffee mug.

Face! FACE!

I have been PWNED.

August 17th 2014, 12:00 AM


(On that note, I should consider a "The Room" series of horrible comics with about how "Beautiful Leeesa ees she ees so sexy I laaahv her.")

So guess what? I'm gettin' back on this wagon. The new Psychostick album is pretty much finished and ready to be turned in, therefore I can now put some love into Alfredo. There was a moment there that I started to FREAK and wonder if I would ever get back, but the anxiety has dissolved. I've got some sweet ideas for blogs mostly, and if I get around to it, I'll post some more singular funnies as I see fit.

I also would like to point out that I haven't been entirely slackluster. The girlfriend picked me up some awesome acrylic markers, which I didn't even know existed, so I drew some of these up for Psychostick shows. Not too shabby eh?

Acrylic markers are a dream for drumhead art.

Hooray Mashups!

I've been playing with different styles, so some of my newer stuff might seem a bit more "out there" once it comes out.

I also need to tweak this website some more. Finding a specific comic is problematic at best, and there are TONS of UI issues that need serious polish.

Thanks for bein' patient with me.

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