Face! FACE!

I moved. Are you moved?

January 16th 2015, 7:00 AM

Whelp, it's done and done. I just relocated all my stuff over to Psychostick.com. It's a little bittersweet, but at least now I can draw stuff and make more things and it'll directly affect what my primary focus should be.

Things to know with your skull drippings:

  1. The comics will and/or should be exactly the same. Same characters, same style, same stupid Rawrb humor. Emphasis on the stupid.
  2. The only thing that has changed is the domain. Like previously mentioned, my comics are still going to look the same and have everything you "knew" and "loved."
  3. I hope to release one new comic a week and one new blog every month to two months. Gotta get back in that groove.
  4. I will be blogging personally (when I get around to it) at rawrb.com
  5. If you want customized stuff, you can get in touch with me at rob AT psychostick DOT com. Easy peazy.

The change will make more sense as I release more stuff. You'll be like, "Ohhh! THAT'S what he was going for!"

Either that or you'll be, "Ohhh... wait, why do I care?"

Trust me, you CARE.

This isn't goodbye, this is just me moving next door to the bigger, prettier house with more turrets and landmines and stuff.

Alfredo Afro... what the SHIT was I thinking with that name...?